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"AutoPkg is a community framework for capturing software installers from external or internal sources, automating the process of packaging these installers, and uploading the packages to a management system such as Jamf Pro, avoiding the need to manually obtain and package up software. Using a concept of “recipes”, which can be shared via GitHub, members of the Mac Admin community can easily benefit from and contribute to the pooled resources to minimise duplication of effort." © Graham R Pugh

You will find more information about AutoPkg on the official github page. I’m not going to talk about how AutoPkg work in this post, the documentation is very good and will do that much better than me. I’m going to focus today on the recipes.

At work, we’re using AutoPkg to automate the process of getting updated versions from a list of applications. Most of them are already available through recipes built by the Mac Admin/AutoPkg communities, but for some apps, I had to create them myself.

Now to create a new recipe, you have two options. The hard one, where you’ll need to create the required files by yourself, or the easy one, using the wonderful Recipe Robot from Elliot Jordan.

Now let’s talk about by first two recipes I created (for our in-house usage) and that I am sharing to anyone who would want to use it.

AppGate AppGate is a Software-Defined Perimeter (SDP) and its architecture is made up of three primary components: a client, controller and gateway. You can find more information on Cyxtera’s AppGate on their website. In a few words, AppGate is a VPN on steroids, and will allow you to connect to multiple sites at once, very easily. That’s what we use to connect to our AWS, GCP, Azure or labs infras.

CloudApp CloudApp is a screen recorder software for Mac & PC. Record video, webcam, GIFs, capture your screen and share it instantly to the cloud, all in one easy-to-use app. More info on their website. It’s mainly use by our Support Team but also used a lot in the ENG departement.

Both of them are available on my recipe repository

You can add the repo to your AutoPkg setup:

autopkg repo-add psaintemarie-recipes

For now, these two recipes are the only one I needed to create, we’re using the ones available for others apps like Google Chrome or Zoom. But this could change in the future, and I’ll make sure to try and create a recipe for the new ones!

Thanks for reading! :wave:

Philippe Sainte-Marie

Philippe Sainte-Marie

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